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Loni Ives-Stone

Superstar Consultant

(801) 589-1004

My Story

Hey hey! My name is Loni and I am a wife, mommy and California girl living in an Ohio world. Thank you for taking the time to read my story.

I love how a scent can bring back a memory so bring on that tropical vacation or favorite Christmas morning and a friend helped me keep stocked up on those scents. I love how that same friend shared the opportunity Scentsy gives and we get to travel together. For FREE! I've been able to travel to Italy, Spain and France thanks to this little wax business and amazing customers like you! I also got to go back to my California roots and hang out in Disneyland while it was only open for the Scentsy family. How cool is that??

I also get to "work" wherever I am and stay home with my kiddos.

Thank you for stopping by and if you would like to host a party (and they don't have to be a home party! Try a Facebook party or basket party, just ask how..) or even join me with traveling as a Scentsy Consultant, let me know! If you have a smartphone, you can run your business from anywhere!

~Loni Ives-Stone

Contact me at 801-589-1004 or by email at


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